schnoopsMy most recent book

The Extremely Very Scrambled Up World Of Little Doogs: Playing the Road Trip Game (Matador)

I'm really very excited about this because I've been much more involved in the whole process of getting it published than I normally am.

It all started over a coffee with my friend Ian. He'd had the idea for a series of stories involving a group of quirky animal characters. We tossed a few ideas around together and The Schnoops came to life. After a couple of years or more, lots of coffee and even more laughter the books and the characters are about to be let loose in the world! Briefly the characters are:


Little Doogs who is a shy young puppy. All he wants is a place he can call home

Schnoss who is a sausage dog and the 'business boss' of The Schnoops

Honey a stroppy rabbit who dreams of glitz and glamour

Trevor a very chilled Dutch elephant who calms everyone down with a good hearty meal

Jezza a very lazy giraffe who is a 'Rubbish Artist' in all senses of the phrase


I could tell you lots more about them but they have their very own website so you can log on to and find out all about them. Go on, you know you want to!

You can buy Playing the Road Trip Game at:

the sleepover clubThe Sleepover Club (Harper Collins)

This series was about 5 girls - Frankie, Kenny, Lyndz, Fliss and Rosie - who just loved to have fun but who almost inevitably ended up in mischief.  The series was created by Rose Impey and I was lucky enough to write 13 of the books. I love receiving emails and letters from readers who enjoy the series and the question they quite often ask me is which of the books is my favourite. Well actually I have two:


happy new yearsleepover clubHappy New Year Sleepover Club!

This is about a New Year's Eve party which Fliss's Mum is organising with the girls' help. There is so much happening and I loved planning it and making sure that everything built-up into the chaotic finale where Frankie's Mum gives birth to baby Izzy. I must admit that I always loved writing about Fliss's Mum because she was always so neurotic and OTT. In this book I could really let loose as she worked herself up into a frenzy over how the party was going to turn out. I  have really happy memories of writing this book.


sleepover club goes for goalSleepover Club Goes For Goal

Quite often writers say "oh the book just wrote itself!" and you think "yeah, yeah!" Well writing this book is probably the nearest I will ever come to being able to say that myself! I love football, probably not as much as Kenny does in truth, and I can't even kick a ball for my dog, but I was excited to be writing about the sport. A five-a-side tournament for the girls to compete in had so much potential for things to go wrong, especially when one of those girls is Fliss! It was fun thinking of how Kenny could persuade the others to join in and then, when they did agree, putting so many obstacles in their way in the competition. My brain was certainly whirring away faster than my fingers could type when I was writing this book! Other books I wrote for the series:

24-Hour Sleepover Club
Happy Birthday Sleepover Club
Sleepover Girls On Horseback
Sleepover Girls Go Camping
The Sleepover Club Surfs The net
The Sleepover Club: TV Stars
Emergency Sleepover
Sleepover Girls On The Range
Sleepover Girls In the Ring
Sleepover Club Vampires
Sleepover Girls Go Gymnastic

You can buy The Sleepover Club books at:


Used by kind permission of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.

My early books

The first book I wrote - Ghost School (Hodder Children's Books. Now out of print)

Ghost School co-written with Stephen Thraves published by Hodder Children's Books (now out of print)

This will always be one of my favourite books because it was the first book I had published. I will never forget that thrill of seeing something I had written actually in print! I kept going into shops just to look at it - and to move it to the front of the shelf so that everyone would see it clearly!

Ghost School was part of Stephen's Adventure Game Book series. As you read the book you were also playing a game: at the end of each paragraph you had a decision to make which determined which paragraph you read next. As you were reading you had to take photographs and collect pieces of adventure kit. The aim of the reader was to take 6 photographs each showing a ghost. Each time you read the story it was slightly different depending on the decisions you made along the way.

I still think it was an amazingly clever idea, but that was definitely down to Stephen who planned it all out. I had the easy job of doing the writing!

little book of chatThe Little Book Of Chat (Random House. Now out of print)

This book includes tips and hints on sending text messages, sending emails and using the internet in general. It was great fun to write and the illustrations by Kate Sheppard are just perfect. I have the original of the chocolates coming out of the computer screen - if only!


stories for 3 year oldsStories for 3 year-olds (Harper Collins Publishers. Now out of print)

I had a story, 'Messy Jessie', included in this collection which was available as a book and audiotape pack. 'Messy Jessie' is about a little girl who is ALWAYS getting messy - she can't help it. It was such a thrill for me to have this story included in a collection which included stories by people like Tony Bradman!

Work in progress

At the moment I'm writing a book called 'On The Flipside'. It's about a teenage girl called Cordelia and I hope that there are things in it that all teenagers will be able to identify with. It's about friends and laughing and hanging out and embarrassing parents and about one event which changes Cordelia's life.

If you log on to you'll find out how I'm getting on with it and you can read little snippets of the book too. In fact if you contact me on there you could maybe help shape the story a little bit!